"With Elisha's guidance I have broken through some very deep barriers that I was totally unaware of. Through her process of coaching, and Emotion Code she has given me the tools to look at old beliefs or barriers to shift them into positive beliefs about myself. I have done a lot of healing and worked with various healers and I am totally impressed with the style and commitment of Elisha's coaching program. She has helped me realize how my thinking impacts every decision I make in my life. The meditations that she provides for me are perfect to release blocks and help me to become my most powerful self. I am so grateful that I am working with her because she is so gifted. It is definitely worth the time to follow her guidance and the value of her services are well worth the price. She will bring forth an amazing new way of living life. She will help you uncover your greatness with gentleness, love, compassion, and acceptance! I am so grateful to have the privilege of being coached by Elisha."

- Sandy G

"I loved the entire day. I really enjoyed the end ceremony so that we could amplify each other and release what no longer served us. The food was amazing! The connections, conversations were powerful and enlightening. Elisha, I love how confident you were and how you let the event unfold and flow naturally. Your energy allows safety, kindness, caring, compassion and the ability to know how to hold sacred space. You are like a divine loving Mother. Nurturing your tribe to become the best they can be."

- Happy Attendee

My Wife and I really enjoyed our session with Elisha and we are looking forward to our next opportunity for more.  We are familiar with various types of yoga from different studios that focus on meditation, breathing, restorative, nidra, hatha and kundalini.  Since we didn't know what to expect, Elisha was great at explaining and she has a special way of explaining without distracting from the session.  She guided us skillfully in our practice.  By the end of the session, we were both replying with the Mantra, enlightened in our thoughts and really focused in-depth to our personal well being.  I am actually more calm now just recalling the session for my review.  It was that good.” 

- Alfredo A

"I recently treated myself to a private yoga session with Elisha at Bee the Glow, and I could feel my stress melt away as we embarked into the practice. Her gentle corrections made me feel very supported, and she was very flexible and creative in working with my specific needs. I highly recommend Bee the Glow for anyone seeking self-care with a compassionate coach."

- Abby S

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