Registered Dietitian

Michelle Hill is a body positive, registered dietitian, helping people reconnect and rebuild their relationship with food and with themselves. 

She graduated from Long Island University in Brookville, NY in 2009 and completed her internship with Long Island University in 2010. 

Michelle has been working as a dietitian for 12 years, helping people most with identifying barriers towards consuming a diet that nourishes the mind and body. 

When Michelle is not working, you can find her thrifting, crafting, and spending time with her rescue shih tzu Ace and her husband James. 

Nutrition, Healthy Eating

Michelle has offered nutrition education and counseling for individuals experiencing the following, but not limited to: 


high blood pressure 

high cholesterol 


unplanned weight loss 

binge eating disorders 

acid reflux/ GERD

Michelle follows a motto of adding more to your diet and lifestyle.  All foods are allowed- its all about creating a balance and eating from a place of joy and celebration. Eating truly is an act of self love. 

Free Session for 1:1 Nutritional Consultation. 

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