What is a Breath-Out?

We connect your mind and body by doing 3-minute meditations (yes, in such a short time we can begin to reset your system, come check it out for yourself) with a journaling prompt and journaling after the meditation. Then discussing what came up for everyone during the meditation and journaling. We hold a sacred space for you to be able to reconnect to those areas you didn't even know you were disconnected from.

"Wow, that Breath-Out really cleared some stuff! Doing better and letting everything move through me!" -Happy Client

Self love is more than just looking in a mirror and speaking kindly to yourself. 

It’s about embracing your past and being willing to love yourself regardless of what was done or what was said.

Are you ready to truly dig deep and start loving the parts of your self that go beyond the exterior? 

Weekly Virtual Breath-Out with Elisha

In these Breath-Out's we do 3 minute meditations to take your system out of overwhelm, tiredness, stress etc. to reset your system.

Many attendees have said they were tired when they began but by the time we are finished with the 1.5 hour class, people want more and were feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

You also learn 2-3 breathing meditations to take back into your everyday life for when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed etc.

Every Friday Evening

at 6pm PDT

Virtually via Zoom! Please Register Below!!

Weekly Breath-Out
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