What is Conscious Breathing with Elisha? 

In a private or small group session, a safe container is created and the space is masterfully held to allow each individual to have a unique experience… Unique TO you and FOR you.

In a calm and peaceful setting, you will be guided to a deeper connection to your inner knowing and truth. Some suggest that this is akin to speaking directly with your soul… which can be very powerful.

While this is a new experience for many, you will be cared for and treated with the utmost respect.

For those that are ready, this is a rewarding and beneficial experience that allows you to release subconscious gunk that has been hindering you from rising to your true essence.

Sometimes (often) Conscious Breathing can trigger the desire for additional support… and as such, we offer Intuitive and Relationship Coaching to compliment the breathing to facilitate deeper integration taking the powerful knowledge with you back into everyday life.

Got Pain?

What if your pain isn't what you think it is? 

Think of your pain as a dog barking at you, like your dog barks at you when it has to go to the bathroom…


What happens if you ignore your barking dog?  It’s gunna piss on your floor! 

Ok, so what if you just put a muzzle on your dog to suppress the barking?  Yep, It’s still gunna piss on your floor…

So let’s get back to your pain – whether it’s in your shoulder, neck, head, (wherever!)… Are you going to keep ignoring it? 


Oh, I know, let’s muzzle it with pain relievers… that’ll work, right?!?

I’ll ask again – What if it’s not what you think it is? So, what if you let the barking dog outside...aka, sit with your pain, talk to it… ask it what it needs?

Maybe, just maybe, your pain is due to Trapped Emotions or Imbalances trying to get your attention…?

Have you tried doing energy work on the area? Or Breathing into it?

Have a discussion with it? Thanking it for the awareness it’s desperately trying to share with you?

If you’ve tried everything you already know and still have proverbial piss on your floor (pain and suffering), maybe it’s time to seek the guidance of someone who can guide you to a deeper understanding of the root cause of your physical pain.

I currently have 2 spots open to "Awaken Your Inner Goddess'' - where we can finally begin to get to the root of your aches and pains. Just because you are getting older doesn't mean you have to live a stressed and pain filled existence.

In fact, the idea that pain comes with age is a very old and disgusting paradigm that I am smashing to tiny bits and transforming into love and light.

So if you’re ready to run, jump, and dance like a teenager again, Or at least be able to get up off the floor, walk up the stairs, and tie your shoes without grimacing in pain, let’s talk!

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