The idea for bee the GLOW was seeded the day Elisha had a bee hang out on her toe. There was no fear. Just love, an admiration for this amazing creature. The bee reminds us that it is possible to be yourself while also doing good for the world. Bees work hard gathering pollen for themselves and their hives, and at the same time pollinating plants in their environment. Throughout Elisha's self-discovery process when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis she realized the world needs more glow.   At bee the GLOW we want to pollinate the world with sweetness and light. That begins with you. As you settle your internal world, your external world changes, morphs and becomes a reflection of your beautiful new internal world. Then your healthy changes pollinate the lives of those around you. You are a beautiful soul inhabiting a strong body.

I help women who are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis who are experiencing physical pain and mental suffering who either don't want to use western medicine or want to add a more natural approach to their healthcare plan. While helping them find imbalances and Trapped Emotions in order to bring balance, joy and ease back into their life.

What I found is these women are not able to take care of themselves and family in the mental, physical and/or emotional manner they used to be able to. The truth is the emotions and thoughts of not being good enough, feeling unloved, not worthy, not supported, and self-criticism envelop their psyche. They then have a lack of energy, mobility & people may not understand the ‘invisibility’ of this dis-ease that is consuming every single second of their life.

What they really want is to live their life fully while managing the conditions so they can live their best life without worry of a flare –up or days of rest because they worked too much in one day and over taxed their body.

They think it is their body fighting itself because that is what everyone has told them. So they end up taking immunosuppresants plus maybe pain pills, methotrexate and steroids to suppress the immune system and push away the inflammation and pain.

The real problem is they are not aware of changing  the mindset  to look at the dis-ease as a gift and work through the dis-ease within their body as the bodies way of communicating that it needs help and doesn’t want to be suppressed  it needs to be expressed!

What they need to do is have a team of supporters. Family, doctor’s, coaches and maybe even other practitioners advocating for them. Seeing different perspectives and getting to the root of the problem not just covering up the symptoms.

At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I was in absolute shock over the diagnosis. I had no idea how to move forward, but I knew I was not going to listen to the doctors lecture of how I would have a short life, lose my mobility by age 30, never have children and possibly even be in a wheelchair as a reality. I knew there had to be another way then to submit to this dis-ease that was currently occurring in my body. I suffered so much pain mentally and physically. I couldn’t even take my shirt off by myself when I was first diagnosed. In those first few years around age 21 I did go the western medicine route. I took prednisone and immunosupressants for a good portion of my 20’s but I was always looking for that one magic pill that would fix the problem. It never came. After 13 years and A LOT of pivots in my life I have found there is not a one size fits all but a customized solution to use many modalities to find greater ease and flow in the body. Everyone is different and we are here to help guide you along this path in conjunction with your doctor and any other practitioner you are seeing. We want to look at this from all angles.

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