What is Conscious Breathing with Elisha? 

In a private or small group session, a safe container is created and the space is masterfully held to allow each individual to have a unique experience… Unique TO you and FOR you.

In a calm and peaceful setting, you will be guided to a deeper connection to your inner knowing and truth. Some suggest that this is akin to speaking directly with your soul… which can be very powerful.

While this is a new experience for many, you will be cared for and treated with the utmost respect.

For those that are ready, this is a rewarding and beneficial experience that allows you to release subconscious gunk that has been hindering you from rising to your true essence.

Sometimes (often) Conscious Breathing can trigger the desire for additional support… and as such, we offer Intuitive and Relationship Coaching to compliment the breathing to facilitate deeper integration taking the powerful knowledge with you back into everyday life.

Breathe with me

I guide women who are driven to perfection to rip off their masks and finally uncover their true soul driven purpose.

What I’ve found is most women are burning out in so many ways…

Burned out in their high performing, underpaying career,

Burned out as a loving, always present mom,

Burned out as a doting and caring wife,

Or swiped out waiting for the perfect puzzle piece of a partner to come along so they can finally make everything fit – just – right!

They feel they are always sacrificing one piece of the pie for another, never fully able to receive 100%.  And all the while daydreaming about what ‘perfect’ really looks like.

What they really want is to have a perfectly balanced life… Enough success and recognition at work, amazing and creative family time, and that oh so rare intimate time with their most prized loved one.  And they would love to feel as if they are showing up 100% for each area of life, true and authentic no matter what that looks or feels like. They want to experience peace in the moment, while striving and growing as a woman, mother and lover.  They just want to be a better version of themselves each day.

They think that in order to get anything done, they need to control every tiny detail and damn it, IT needs to be perfect… which makes them spend hours on one task, often at the expense of the other areas or people in their life.

The truth is, trying to control every aspect of every aspect of their life is soul crushing.

So what they need to do is learn to let go at the deepest levels, surrender to the true nature of their mind and body AND allow the flow of life, following the synchronicities as they unfold into their world and guide them in a way they never could have even dreamed of.

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