Bee the Glow helps women and their dogs find greater peace and harmony as we guide you to reconnect with what you already have within you that has been forgotten over a lifetime of cultural programming. Along with clearing away the subconscious gunk that dogs and their humans pick up as you move through life.

Our energy sessions are a type of self-care that stays with you for days. We help restore and transform along with teaching you how to not get so beaten up by everyday life. You don’t need to spend hours or years learning how to do it; we walk you through a simple process so you get results and relief immediately (you even get to cuddle with your pup during the session).


Sunday, June 4, 2023 11:30am Arizona time

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During your Energy Session, you'll experience:

  • Imagine being able to relax in the comfort of your own home as you and your dog receive a distance, Greenleaf Way Energy Session. This session is unique to you and for you. We work on the areas you are currently struggling with such as stress, an anxious dog, a reactive dog, health issues or dis-ease. During the session you will be enveloped in a loving compassionate energy that is wise to what your body is currently experiencing.
  • While this is a new experience for many, you will be cared for and treated with the utmost respect. For those who are ready, this is a rewarding and beneficial experience that allows you to release subconscious gunk that has been hindering you from rising to your true essence.
  • Sometimes (often) Energy Sessions can trigger the desire for additional support… and as such, we offer Intuitive Coaching to compliment the energy healing to facilitate deeper integration taking the powerful knowledge with you back into everyday life.
  • This session is distance healing, free of technology until the follow-up after the session which is conducted by phone.
  • Ask us about special package deals and what will be perfect for your situation - The Greenleaf Way Energy Session Package + Awaken Your Inner Goddess + 40 Day Breathing Superpower Practice

"After weeks of my dog waking me up in the middle of the night, I had had enough. And one session with Elisha and she now waits until morning to go out... I don't know how it works, but I know it does! You are magic!"

- JT

"Been feeling great! Lighter and more energetic than I have in YEARS!"

- Alma

"After coming home almost every night after work to blood from the cats fighting, we finally have a blood free home and the cats are able to be in the same picture frame. Thank YOU!"

- Louis

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You have questions. We have answers.

We want you to feel safe, supported and heard as you embark on your energy healing journey. Please reach out so we can answer all your questions. Or feel free to schedule a Get to Know You Session.

With love and gratitude,

Elisha Mae


Elisha Mae Greenleaf

Elisha Mae Greenleaf is Founder of Bee the Glow, International Best-Selling Author of Divinity Speaks, and your 'Fairy Dog Mother!'

– Basically, she does energy work with adorable dogs and their human mom's to break cycles of dis-ease and transform generational trauma to find greater inner and outer peace - which translates to less frustration and overwhelm at life and with your dog.

She lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her partner in life, Tank who is a magician. In her spare time you will find her meditating, dancing, out in nature, most likely at the Desert Botanical Gardens or traveling to somewhere that has yummy organic plant based food or vanilla cupcakes. Oh and petting dogs everywhere she goes, especially if it's a shih tzu!! 

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